ZRW-1100 Bench Top Wood Fired Oven

Our new Zesti ZRW-1100 Refractory wood fired oven has the same loved shape as the Z-1100 wood fired oven which incorporates the Zesti colour coded capping system which can be colour coded to match your environment at home. It also features our unique 316 Grade stainless steel arch .

Key Points of the ZRW1100

ZRW comes fully finished ready to go

Its base is fully wrapped in stainless steel and sealed which allows the oven to be installed in one piece .

The base of the ZRW also gains a thicker layer of insulation , this allows the ZRW to be lifted onto a fully finishes up-stand or plinth lined with granite, concrete, tile or stainless steel as the finished bench top (care must be taken in design of the up-stand that nothing combustable is used to support bench tops)

The unique capping system gives the ZRW fast lighting times, 25-30 minutes to get to nearly 750 degrees C.

Colour options available to choose from

Handmade in Western Australia

Can come with stainless trolley, custom made cabinets, corner cabinets.

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ZRW1100 Benchtop Woodfired Oven

ZRW1100 Benchtop Woodfired Oven


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We have owned our zesti pizza oven for about 8 years now. The biggest reason we went for the Zesti was for its modern look and clean lines and its usability. The beauty of the oven is how easy and how quick it is to use it, it takes no longer than 45 min to get it up to heat and the fun you can have trying different foods, from pizzas to roast, absolutely perfect and delicious every time.

We love it so much we have now purchased another Zesti Z1100 for our new home!  The staff were again very accommodating in customising our oven to our needs as it will serve us in the new place for the next 20 years.

Dennis Katavic