ZX1100 Woodfired Pizza Ovens

Zesti Ovens has designed and produced an outstanding, stylish Wood fired Oven range. This model is a tight compact unit with a re- designed contemporary look and is available in a range of this year’s fashionable colours.

The unit has been developed for tight confines as the trolley base is now set beneath the actual diameter of the ZX1100’s refractory cook chamber, making it a space saving version which will not impact on the ever shrinking domestic alfresco area. Its curved frame makes it extremely useful for corner placement, thus taking a minimal floor footprint of space. Its bold design and looks once again is right at home in today’s contemporary house designs or it can be finished with traditional materials such as timbers, copper panelling or even Core 10 rustic panels for a more rustic, traditional feel.

The ZX1100 is a fresh and vibrant example of what Zesti Ovens can build for your outdoor entertaining area and can come with multiple options, such as an insert sliding grill with 2-point hand turn rotisserie skewers as the unit can produce some of the best restaurant quality steaks seen. Side wings are also available to hold spices and marinades used during the cooking process. Its unique capping system and fully insulated hi-heat refractory dome can achieve temperatures of up to 700.C which can produce pizza in under 2 minutes. The unit comes fully built and finished ready for use, or it can be pulled apart for component installation. This unit is the ‘Ultimate One Stop Entertainer’ and will be the envy of your family and friends. Contact Zesti Ovens Pty Ltd direct to view the new, refreshing Gelato’ range of colours for 2019

ZX1100 Pizza Oven


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We have owned our zesti pizza oven for about 8 years now. The biggest reason we went for the Zesti was for its modern look and clean lines and its usability. The beauty of the oven is how easy and how quick it is to use it, it takes no longer than 45 min to get it up to heat and the fun you can have trying different foods, from pizzas to roast, absolutely perfect and delicious every time.

We love it so much we have now purchased another Zesti Z1100 for our new home!  The staff were again very accommodating in customising our oven to our needs as it will serve us in the new place for the next 20 years.

Dennis Katavic